5-Year-Old Sophie Fatu Auditioning for America’s Talent Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Kids are like angels, mostly when they sing, not minding if they hit the right notes. Indeed they bring us joy and relaxation, definitely therapeutic. Hearing kids singing witty and funny nursery rhymes is already cute. What more if you see this 5-year old kid singing her heart out in the biggest talent show competition on television – America’s Got Talent? To this date, 37 million viewers have witnessed how adorable Sophie Fatu is. The 5-year old Sophie has quickly captured the strictest AGT judge Simon Cowell, even asked her to date his son, Eric. That is how charming she is. She vocally expressed that Simon is her favorite judge, even tricked the latter of pressing the golden button, which yes, can happen, says Judge Heidi Klum.

Sophie sang one of Frank Sinatra’s hits, My Way, which, fortunately, a fave of Cowell. This song was originally a French song titled “Comme d’Habitude.” Two years after, Paul Anka wrote an English version with Sinatra on his mind. Hence, Frank’s legendary ‘My Way.’ It became a hit and stayed in the UK Top 40 for 75 weeks, unbeatable. Known to most adults, the angelic little kid charmed the judges right away. Combined with cuteness, powerful voice, and hand gestures like a professional singer, she got all the ‘yes’ from the four judges- Simon, Heidi, Howie, and Mel B. Not only that, her amazement of how big the audience is has fueled Sophie to make them all stand in awe.

To add up, Sophie’s innocence and humor make the audition all the more entertaining. Backstage, her mom laughs away, seeing her daughter capture the judges and the audience’s hearts.

To share with you the good vibes and Sophie’s cuteness overload, you must check out her audition video to make your day beautiful.

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