A Bored Family Decided to Recreate a ‘Journey’ Classic and You’ll Love It

Looking at the brighter side, we can say that pandemic has brought families together. The mandatory quarantine is, in a way, a chance for family members to create a stronger bond. We, individuals get to know more of ourselves too. One family from Maple Valley, Washington re-created Journey‘s 1983 hit song, Separate Ways. The idea was born out of boredom during the quarantine. It isn’t just a mere family bonding, but it turns out viral in social media! Instant stardom for the famband! The family dubbed their unique idea as “2020 Heller Quarantine Edition.” They did the video shoot just around their home—what an excellent way to ease the boredom.

In USA Today’s interview with the Hellers, Steven, the dad, shares that the whole idea is from the genius mind of his wife, Jana. Jana, 43 has video production skills. She loves Journey, and after watching series of Journey’s music videos online, they came up with the band’s four decades hit “Separate Ways.” There and then, they decided to re-create the video with their four kids! They did some brainstorming as to which shot to take. They amazingly did all the shoots with an iPhone. Steven played the role of Journey’s lead singer Steve Perry because he certainly got the looks. Jana Heller channels Steve Smith’s energy, banging a storage bin.

The sons Jackson, Asher, and daughters Lily and Violet are all in the game! Lily does most of the camera stuff. Violet plays the mysterious blonde wearing a leather skirt in the video. The Hellers are amazed at how Violet portrays her role. She has angst and attitude. That is all because she almost perfected the fierce look and even the gesture and how the woman walks. The Hellers posted the music video in their Vimeo account which went viral! It does not end there! A radio interview follows its internet stardom.

The netizens craved for more video recreation from the great Hellers. However, Jana insists that it will be their only entry. For them, it is good to be remembered with their first cool video than follow one with a not-so-cool.

Are you feeling bored with the family at home? Well, the Hellers just gave you an idea.