Alex and Sierra Define Relationship Goals with Their Rendition of ‘Toxic’

You first meet Alex and Sierra before their audition when they talk about who they are as a couple and as performers. We can immediately tell these two are adorable and ooze out the cutest chemistry. Alex comments that he hopes to win the judges over with their unique stage presence. Well, they were not wrong to think that was a possibility. They introduce themselves to the judges, and Simon asks if they are brother and sister. Alex replies, ‘No, we kiss, so that would be weird.” We already thought they were relationship goals; now, we can add a sense of humor to the list.

Alex and Sierra on the X Factor

Introducing Alex & Sierra

Alex and Sierra have two years of dating behind them. They then explain they are singing ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears, but with their personal twist. The couple partakes in witty banter as they discuss the song, which serves to endure them even more to the judges and the audience. The whole introduction starts at minute 1:11. Most of the time, we love to jump right to the music, but this entire intro is worth watching.

As Alex and Sierra begin singing, their chemistry is even more apparent. The couple sings together and shares these glances and expressions that make you go ‘ahhh.’ These two adore each other, and we love them because of it.

But Can They Sing?

Being an adorable couple that sets a high bar for relationship goals is one thing. The X Factor is a talent show, after all, and Alex and Sierra must possess the ability to sing and perform to go far. As it happens, this dynamic due can sing. While watching, we started to forget all about the judges, but if you watch at minute 3:41, you see they are as entranced and interested as we are.

Alex and Sierra on the X Factor

Simon stops them early, which is a little concerning and annoying, as we want to see the whole performance. However, the audience is on their feet, and Alex hugs Sierra as she begins to cry. This means, of course, we love them even more at this moment. All four judges agree, and the lovely couple moves on in the competition. You have to watch the entire video here:

Don’t forget to watch the intro, too, so you can absorb the cuteness of this couple.

Images: YouTube