Alicia Keys Performed a ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ and It’s Exactly What We All Need Right Now

On the 22nd of June, 2020, NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert gave the world exactly what it needed during these trying times. On their YouTube Channel, NPR Music posted the Tiny Desk Concert performed by Alicia Keys. According to the video’s description, the concert was recorded on the 12th of February, this year. The 39-year-old singer was said to be “full of effervescence” and “radiates compassion and kindness,” which you can feel while watching her concert.

As she started her set, remarking, “Gee, the Tiny Desk is tiny!,” no one, back then, could have known how big of an impact her first song, “Show Me Love,” would have during the emotional and striking events currently upon us. Her words brought healing and love, which is much needed right now, with all the political and racial unrest that is even made worse by the three-month quarantine everyone has had to endure.

Image credit: YouTube

The most remarkable moment of her Tiny Desk was when she performed a song from her self-titled album ALICIA, the song “Gramercy Park” is sure to be an instant classic, the lyrics and melody are those of songs that transcend time and music formats. It is a song that talks about how complete selflessness and putting others’ needs before yourself can eventually make you lose your center. Alicia talked about how the song reflects how she has tried to please everyone around her all her life and is now trying to set boundaries.

Image credit: YouTube

The next song of her set was “Underdog,” one that she performed during this year’s Grammys, but after wrapping what was supposed to be a three-song set, the crowd wanted more and begged for an encore. After a few suggestions, Alicia and her band perform a very captivating version of her 2001 hit single. “Fallin.” What the video below and feel the love and compassion the radiates from this amazing singer’s aura.

With what we all are going through right now, spreading love, empathy, and compassion is what everyone should be doing so we can all heal as one.