Andrea Bocelli Delivers Impromptu Performance of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

Andrea Bocelli– the man, the myth, the legend! It’s a name that can immediately send chills down any music lover’s spine. And, once again, he’s here to make the world fall in love with his voice. Andrea was asked to serenade the crowd at the Lake Las Vegas Resort in 2006. Of which he gladly obliged! He even made sure to choose a fitting song for the occasion at the world’s entertainment capital. The famous tenor stunned the crowd as he sang Elvis Presley’s classic hit song, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’.

He started his impromptu performance by tapping the piano, creating a melody for the pianist to follow. Just in case you’re wondering, the man on the keyboard is a renowned artist- a world-class record producer none other than David Foster! The talented Italian opera singer went ahead to make the audience swoon (as always) as David beautifully played the instrument in the background. The moment Andrea started crooning the first few words of the lyrics, you can tell that everyone just couldn’t hold their excitement. I mean, I’d go crazy too if I’m privileged enough to witness two legends perform together before my very eyes!

andrea-bocelli-cant-help-falling-in-loveWith his heavenly voice, he perfectly sang every note of the song as expected. He then ended the piece with the signature Bocelli style, bringing depth to the music as he prolonged the last line in a high note. It was mesmerizing and heartwarming at the same time! You just can’t help but feel the beauty he brings along as his voice reverberated around the hall. He not only had brought back life to this classic but definitely done exceptionally much more.

andrea-bocelli-vegas-crowdWatch the outstanding performance below and be captivated by the one and only Andrea Bocelli.


The power of his voice has left me speechless! It’s so rich and full of emotions; I just want to hear more of his performances.