People Can’t Get over Andrea Bocelli and Son Matteo’s ‘Fall on Me’ Duet

Prepare some tissues and your favorite comfort food as the emotional father-son duet of the Bocelli’s will definitely make you tear up. Talk about all the feels! Andrea Bocelli is a world-renowned classical singer with an angelic voice. Known as a powerful tenor, he has shared the stage to a lot of music superstars. But perhaps our favorite collaboration ever is with his youngest son, Matteo. This 22-year-old Bocelli has undeniably beautiful facial features that are so easy on the eyes. But that’s not why he’s amazing on stage- he is also a mesmerizing singer just like his father.


One of their most notable duets was in 2018 wherein they sang a powerful version of the song, “Fall on Me”. The video started with the two Bocelli singers taking their positions back to back on their respective grand pianos. Matteo, with his expressive and gentle voice, took the spotlight at first as he went on and sang straight from the heart: “Fly like a cannonball, straight to my soul, tear me to pieces and make me feel whole, I’m willing to fight for it and carry this weight.” You can even see his father smiling with pride and joy. Later on, Andrea took the limelight and strikingly sang the Italian version of the song with such control.


Finally, for the most awaited part, the duo sang together exquisitely and gracefully. Their distinct voices melded together, delivering a beautiful and strong descant of the ballad. And, more than anything, you can see their souls connect through the music. You can feel it even beyond the lyrics. It was so deep and special. The Bocelli’s actually mentioned that the song had a focus on family, specifically the father-son relationship. Which is definitely very fitting for the two! In fact, this was the very first time that Andrea had a duet with his son, Matteo.

Watch the heartfelt performance below and enjoy the touching harmony of the pair.

Musical brilliance does truly runs on the blood in their case. And, can I just say they look really good together, being all prim and proper? I couldn’t stop replaying it!