Andrea Bocelli Enchants as He Sings ‘Return to Love’ with Ellie Goulding

The world-renowned Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, is, here again, to take our breaths away with a divine performance. This time, he has joined forces with the ever lovely Ellie Goulding! The legendary musician has already worked with dozens of artists around the world over the years. And the result is always an unexpected yet outstanding piece of music that easily touches our hearts. Now, this new collab with Ellie lives perfectly right up to his unrivaled reputation. Together, they sang the striking song called ‘Return To Love.’

Ellie may not have much experience as a musician, having her short career start just in 2009. However, this time was enough to catapult her to fame and be of immense success. Her exquisite voice and style also still didn’t fail to reach the famous ballad singer’s attention. Andrea knew right then that he wanted to sing with her. “Ellie Goulding is the perfect singer for this track,” he said. “She has a beautiful voice which I loved right away.” And while she has already collaborated with many different artists as well, including Sean Paul, Diplo, Matthew Herbert, Zedd, and Calvin Harris, this classical cover is arguably the most impressive to date.

andrea-bocelliIt was so cinematic that it could make you believe in love again and take a leap to the complicated realm of a romantic relationship. What’s particularly striking with this duet is how Bocelli’s bold and strong vocals fit smoothly like a glove to Ellie’s lighter and delicate soprano. The resulting symphony of these two melodies creates such a gorgeous piece that sends shivers down your spine. It also has a mixture of Italian and English languages, alternating from beginning to end.

ellie-gouldingWatch the video below and enjoy the powerful duet that’ll make you return to love!

This is certainly worth a leap of faith. It’s a masterpiece that just melts your heart right away.