Andrea Bocelli Sings ‘Fall on Me’ with His Daughter in Their Living Room

Here’s a living proof that the apple doesn’t really fall far from the tree. The Bocelli family has recently been an internet sensation. The ever-talented Andrea Bocelli and his 22-year-old son, Matteo Bocelli, has been capturing our hearts and making everyone swoon with their divine voices. Now, we get to have a glimpse of the musical family’s lives and some of their special bonding time! In an intimate clip, we can see another Bocelli star in the making. And how they patiently and lovingly guided the young singer behind closed doors is so precious and heartwarming, you can’t help but go all ‘awwwee.’

The video started with Andrea singing along with his sweet daughter Virginia, a song that’s definitely familiar to all Bocelli fans. It’s the very piece that Matteo and his father performed together for Andrea’s album “Si.” The song’s called “Fall on Me,” and if you haven’t seen the gentlemen’s mesmerizing duet yet but are planning to, you better prepare some tissues ahead. It’s so expressive and gentle; it’ll make you tear up! Now, Virginia is performing Matteo’s part in the family’s living room. And with these personal clips, you can confidently say that this little princess truly has the potential too!Andrea-Bocelli-singing-with-daughter

However, what strikes me in the video is how Andrea clearly adores Virginia and looks so proud of how his little girl appreciates music. You can also see his wife, Veronica Bertie, patiently training her daughter to excellence. It almost seems like their daily bonding time. And while the young girl still has a lot to polish, you know that her heart’s in the right place. She obviously carries with her a deep passion for music and sings wholeheartedly. Virginia is actually Andrea’s first daughter, and, by the looks of it, she’ll probably follow his father’s and brother’s footsteps.daughter-Andrea-Bocelli-singing

Watch the video below and be one of the lucky few to look into the interactions of this outstanding family.

Guess the world-renowned tenor is now passing the torch to the next generation! Will we see more of Virginia too from now on?