Matteo Bocelli Sings at a Beach Party with Andrea Bocelli in the Audience

Here’s a perfect example of how the voices of different generations can create such beautiful synergy and symphony so effortlessly. The son of the renowned opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, sang along with the actor and musician, Ronn Moss, on a casual beach party. Together, the gentlemen performed a wonderful rendition of the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, showing us how the beauty of music knows no age. It was on a lovely evening in 2019 at Forte Dei Marmi, Italy, when the two brightened up the night with their distinct voices.

Ron Moss is a member of the American band, Player, known for their hit tune, “Baby Come Back.” While he has always loved music, he’s also famous for having the role of Ridge Forrester on the show “The Bold and The Beautiful,” and John Blackwell on the Amazon Prime show, “The Bay.” Beside him is Matteo Bocelli– the son of the one and only Andrea Bocelli- who has recently been rising to fame. He has evidently taken on the musical flair of his talented father and is now showing the world his own brilliance.

beach-party-matteo-bocelliRon took the spotlight first and sang the intro with his deep and rumbling voice. You can hear some of the audience getting warmed up and singing along, including Andrea and his wife, Veronica. When it’s Matteo’s turn, he performed the Italian version of the song with his smooth and refreshing vocals. He sang it so expressively that even those who couldn’t understand the language can still feel what he’s saying. Finally, by the end of the song, the two incredible artists sang together, harmonizing so neatly with their own musical styles and ranges. It was a combination that goes across generations!

andrea-bocelli-matteo-beachWatch the video below and see the impressive duet of these two charming gentlemen.

The live band in the background even made it all better! The way the sultry saxophone tickled everyone’s ears and complemented the performance, the night sure did look perfect to me.