Andrea Bocelli’s ‘If Only’ Duet with Dua Lipa Brings out the Best of Them Both

Dua Lipa is here again to stun all of us with her bold and refreshing voice. But this time, she has something unique in store for everyone. The pop singer has taken a huge leap from her electric and catchy songs to a more classic ballad piece that brings you the stars. And that’s not the best thing about it yet! Did I mention that it’s a duet? The Italian music legend, Andrea Bocelli, has invited the young British idol to sing with him in his album, “Si”. Together, they’ve created an ethereal version of the song, “If Only.”

I know, I know, it may seem a strange feat at first. But, surprisingly, the collaboration was beyond what we’ve all probably expected. The outstanding duet has brought a different side of Dua that we’ve all wanted to hear (we just didn’t know it yet). The two artists gave a momentary peace during these troubled times as the world fell silent to hear the heartwarming performance. Dua’s modern and raw talent has complemented Andrea’s classically trained vocals exceptionally well. Her distinct huskiness and evocative vocal breaks have even added more depth to the song as the renowned tenor expressively crooned with his unrivaled celestial voice.

dua-lipaTogether, the rich symphony of their blended melody will send shivers down your spine. And the video surely gave it justice with glimpses of the night sky, including an eclipse and galaxies behind. It was gorgeous! The song, “If Only” was written by Francesco Sartori and the late Lucio Quarantotto. It’s a piece that expresses regret and longing for a love that was lost.

andrea-bocelliWatch the video below and be taken aback by the astronomical beauty that’ll transcend to your soul.

This is definitely something to treasure like the sunset- even something more than gold!