Watch Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande’s Spellbinding Duet of ‘E Più Ti Penso’

Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande seem like an odd pairing, aren’t they? The two renowned performers have been both shining brightly on their chosen genre. Andrea is a legendary opera singer with a rich and gorgeous voice that just takes you to another world. Meanwhile, Ariana is a famous pop star that has been making the crowd go wild with her catchy songs and exceptional style. So what happens when they decide to perform together? In today’s intriguing performance, we’d get to see the synergy of these exceptional icons.

Ariana was taken to the world of opera as she recorded with Andrea their version of the Italian song, “E Più Ti Penso.” The piece is actually from one of the tenor’s favorite movies, “Once Upon A Time In America.” It turns out; this collaboration is one of the best things to ever happen in music! The cover was so soulful and mesmerizing; it’ll even make you tear up a bit. Andrea’s rich and flawless voice was complemented ever so exquisitely by Ariana’s powerful yet delicate vocals. Together, they’ve made it to #1 on Billboard’s classical digital song’s list!

andrea-bocelliFor those who are curious, Ariana is actually a bona fide Italian though she doesn’t speak the language very often. This explains why her pronunciations and even her accent are on point. When Andrea first heard her gorgeous voice, he immediately knew that he wanted to share the stage with her. He mentioned that he “liked her voice very much.” Thankfully, the opportunity for a duet came by, and both made sure not to miss it. The result is a spellbinding performance that that’ll send shivers down your spine.

ariana-grandeJust watch the breathtaking duet below and see for yourself. You wouldn’t even need to speak Italian to understand what it meant!

What a flawless and touching performance! Why didn’t they work together sooner? Their voices create a perfectly balanced harmony that just speaks to your soul. We need more of this, please!