Angelina Jordan Proves That She’s the Only One That Can Cover Amy Winehouse

Everyone has a rare talent, a uniqueness that has to grow within to be nurtured for it to flourish. For us to discover this potential, we have to go deeper within our soul, to perceive the things we love and enjoy doing and will give meaning to our being.

Angelina Jordan was born a star, she was gifted with a rare talent with her mesmerizing voice that enthralls everyone who listens to her. She has proven this at a very tender age of seven when she auditioned to Norway’s Got Talent covering Billie Holiday’s “Gloomy Sunday” that became a viral video online that led to worldwide press coverage.

Amy Winehouse was a lover of music since childhood being surrounded by a family of singers. She is an English singer and songwriter known for her deep and expressive contralto vocals. Let’s see if Angelina Jordan can surpass her stunning voice, but lo and behold I was flabbergasted after hearing Angelina Jordan’s version of “Back to Black”, she not only proved that she is the only one who can cover Amy Winehouse but has put more than justice to her style. She has done again her magic that draws people to her. It was a bewitching performance.

Not only was she gifted with an angelic voice she also has a big heart that opens up to the needy. When she was eight she won a competition with her performance of George Gershwin’s “Summertime” and since that time she worked to put up millions of dollars for the benefit of the environmental causes and charities for children all over the world. After meeting a shoeless girl she started performing barefoot to give tribute to her and to other children like her.

The music world is lucky to have a kind-hearted artist like Angelina Jordan.