Baby Drummer Delights Judges and Audience on Spain’s Got Talent

Children are like a sponge, they say. They can easily imitate adults. They can quickly grasp and memorize things- alphabet, shapes, colors, and nursery rhymes. As they grow more, they tend to imitate artists by learning to play instruments or even sing. But what made everyone on the internet dazzled is when a 2-year old kid joined Got Talent Global in Spain. Wait, do you remember what you were doing when you were two? Honestly, I don’t remember, and I was probably playing with my siblings then, but not our featured kid in this article. He is far different from other toddlers you will see on the internet.

The brilliant kid in the viral video is Hugo Molina. He is cute but gets cuter and astonishing as he showcases his talent. His father escorted him on the stage while his mom stays in the backstage. Their arrival has already made the judges and audience in awe. Who would have thought that an innocent toddler will join the competition and has already developed a talent? Surprising, right? Well, Hugo bringing his sticks is a give away for one to guess his talent- he will be a little drummer boy! Quickly, his dad put him down and started to show off his skills.

Hugo’s looks of innocence show as the song came in. And lo and behold, he perfectly plays in sync with the background rhythm as if he can do it all day. What an adorable kid with so much control on his hands at the age of two. He got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. After the performance, the mom joins the stage. It is such a significant pride for Hugo’s parents. It feels like a touching moment in the video seeing the dad cries happy tears after his child’s standing ovation performance. What makes the moment all the more memorable is the conversation between the judges and Hugo himself- such a cute baby!

Our little drummer boy started playing the drums at the age of one. At two, he landed his feet on one of the biggest talent search ever made. Well, he can say that he’s been playing drums half of his life. Watch and witness how brilliant Hugo is in the video below!

Hugo, for some netizens, deserves a guesting with Ellen Degeneres and Little Big Shots! And we think so too!