Barefoot Street Performer Sammie Jay’s Pure Talent Entertains Passersby

If you heard a barefoot lady with an angelic voice, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Angelina Jordan, right? What if I tell you someone is challenging her position in being a “Barefoot Queen” her name? Sammie Jay.

According to her website, Sammie Jay is an adorably cute British singer-songwriter who can blow a tune with so much soul that she could be mistaken for thinking she came from the deep south. She might be cute and tiny, but there is nothing tiny with her incredible power vocals that can send chills down to your spine. One of her first-ever accomplishments is when she made her London West End debut by playing Cosette at just a young age of 7 years old. And, the rest is history. Nowadays, Sammie Jay is currently working on finishing her latest songs for her newest album.

Sammie-JayOr you can find her on the busiest corner of the street, showcasing her marvelous voice like what she did last August 2014 on her street performance. She started her performance by introducing herself then mentioning that she will perform her own song. After that brief introduction, she hit her first note, and all the people walking cannot help but turn their head backs at her, which eventually lead to stopping them on their tracks when they realized that Sammie Jay is performing barefoot!

Sammie-Jay-barefootWatch her entertaining performance below and be in awe on how that powerful vocal can come out to an adorable barefoot girl:

Why does Sammie Jay give us these amazing performances? Well, according to her, “I do what I do because I love it with a passion. I could never grow tired of the process of creating music and writing songs. It is awesome that I get to connect and touch the hearts of so many people through my music. Be it singing to a small bunch of people or if I am in a huge Arena in front of thousands I just live and breath the melody and lyrics of a good song. I have been inspired by many wonderful artists such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston & Stevie Wonder. and if I am not at my keyboard writing a new song, or strumming on my guitar and performing. Then I am probably hitting the dance floor somewhere instead, because music is in my bones!”