Bon Jovi Singing ‘It’s My Life’ at Home Is What We Need Right Now

With our present situation, chaos is all over the world, so many disastrous things happening around us, particularly the pandemic caused by COVID19. We should take precautions by protecting ourselves and the people around us. Always follow all the preventive measures, especially social distancing. If possible, please always stay at home.

Due to this condition we are confronting, Bon Jovi presented “It’s My Life” in the comfort of his own home to satisfy his followers clamoring for his music. John Francis Bongiovi Jr., also known as Jon Bon Jovi professionally, is the founder of the popular group Bon Jovi, one of the most admired rock band groups in America. One of their greatest hit is “It’s My Life,” which was released on May 23, 2000, as their seventh studio album lead single.

bon-joviJon Bon Jovi assembled his group, complete with all their respected instruments, backing him up in making a great production that turned out to be like a real live concert on stage. It was really an amazing show; imagine executing the whole performance with his group in different locations, but the music they created combine like they were in the same place.

bon-jovi-its-my-lifeIt started off by showing his members doing their expertise with their instruments. First is David Bryan doing the piano, next is his drummer Tico Torres, followed by the guitarist bassist Phil X and Hugh Mcdonald with his dog beside him listening intently and a snapshot of Everett Bradley swaying in the rhythm and blues movements. And of course, Bon Jovi, singing with gusto that will surely satisfy his followers’ demands for his music. It was certainly a fabulous assembly that will surely please their fans. Watch their incredible home concert below:

To satisfy your needs for more of Bon Jovi’s performances, watch over and keep an eye on their videos on YouTube.