Brian Justin Crum Captivates with His Personal and Emotional Rendition of Creep

Sometimes we come across a video that genuinely illustrates the human condition. These are the moments of humanity that both define and connect us.

Brian Justin Crum made his way to America’s Got Talent stage to give us one of those moments. He is singing ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. Radiohead released this song in 1992, and the motive of the song is the idea of a man trying to get the attention of a girl, but he lacks the confidence to talk to her. Well, this feeling is relatable, but the way Brian sings the song brings it to a whole new level.

Brian Crum sings Creep on AGT

I Wish I Was Special

Brian is 28 and from Los Angeles, and he dreams to ensure people feel things when they listen to his music. In Brian’s introduction, he discusses his difficulties in school and how it felt to feel different. The open and honest reflection about why it is essential to elicit feelings from music comes up at minute 1:20.

Pain is universal, and it is easy to relate to him as a person before even hearing him sing. He states, “My mom believed in me and gave me the confidence to be who I am.” This statement alone is enough to make you cry. There are too many of us without that support.

You’re so Very Special

Brian Crum sings Creep on AGT

As Brian sings this song, you go on a journey. The audience and the judges are spellbound. Look at Brian singing at minute 3:32 and then in shifts to Howie’s expression. You can tell people are feeling as though Brian is speaking directly to them.

The personal journey Brain goes through in this song is reflected in the eyes and on the faces of literally everyone witnessing this moment. If there was any question as to whether Brian can sing, it is put to rest right about 4:10. Listen to this part of the song and pay close attention to Simon’s expression just after.

You can watch the video below, but make sure you listen to the very end. There is a moment at the end of the song where there is a long pause where the audience seems to need a moment to collect their souls before the standing ovation.

Absolutely breathtaking, Brian.

Images: YouTube