Brooklyn Duo’s ‘La Vie En Rose’ Cover Makes People Cry

Are you ready to hear perhaps the most beautiful version of the iconic love song, La Vie En Rose? Hold your heart close as it might fall with this passionate performance. And it comes with a rose-colored magic spell that makes you fall in love! The melody of this masterpiece goes beyond words. It’ll make you swoon as if you’re the leading lady in a romantic movie, dancing with the love of your life under the moonlight like no one’s watching. What makes it really interesting is that the cover is entirely instrumental, yet it has the power to make you feel every cry of love with its symphony. Saying that it’s beautiful is a total understatement!

The elegant rendition is of the Brooklyn Duo. They have taken Edith Piaf’s heartwarming French piece and created a one-of-a-kind, dreamy performance that definitely makes the heaven sigh. The musical pair uses a cello and piano respectively to recreate different classical crossovers. They’re actually a husband and wife team with Marnie Laird on the keys and Patrick Laird on the strings. Both have always loved music individually, even before their paths have crossed. But together, their synergy has resulted in creative arrangements like no other. I’m almost jealous of what they have!

Brooklyn-DuoLa Vie En Rose is an all-time crowd favorite- especially to the dreamers and hopeless romantics. It’s a song that has been used in countless films and has been covered by different artists. Each version always seems to dig deep into our hearts-whenever we hear it. It’s just so special in its own way, right? The gentle and loving tune brings you to a thousand blooming roses that hug you with such tenderness. And with artists like Marnie and Patrick, it just keeps on getting better and better.

Brooklyn-Duo-La-Vie-En-RoseWatch the video below and hear the angels sing as the wordless performance warms your heart and soul.

It’s undeniably the perfect embodiment of the song itself. I couldn’t believe my ears! I can listen to this all day and live a life in pink forever.