Every Detail in This ‘He’s a Pirate’ Violin Cover by Taylor Davis Is Perfect

Ahoy! Set sail on a daring voyage to the interesting life of pirates. In a captivating rendition of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, you’ll be transported to the legendary world of Captain Jack Sparrow once more. Those who have loved the movie franchise know how crucial this musical score is on building excitement and anticipation to the story. In fact, the track has been used over and over, with a lot of remix versions, to be the tune of the rest of the movie series. There’s just something about its sea shanty-like melody that makes you vividly visualize and feel the rocking ebb and flow of the ocean.

Now, an American violinist is here to relive the glory of our favorite perpetually drunk pirate once again. We just need a bucketload more of rum and a jar of dirt, and we’re good to go! Kidding aside, the talented musician in question is Taylor Davis. She’s a violinist, composer, and arranger native to Western Springs, Illinois. And while she enjoys making her own versions of famous movie scores, she’s much known for her violin covers of different music game themes.

Taylor-Davis-He_s-a-pirateIn the video below, she has perfectly created an intense cover of the famous track, “He’s a Pirate,” without missing a bit. It’s also important to mention that she did all the re-arrangement of the piece by herself! And upon filming, it’s clear that she’s bound to create a masterpiece with a violin in one hand. To establish the vibe and her persona, she expressively played the song dressed as a gypsy slash female pirate while the sea waves crash behind her. It was magnetic! You can almost feel and smell the breeze.

Taylor-Davis-violin-coverWatch her performance below and take yourself to a journey deep into the salty waters.

When Captain Jack Sparrow said, “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate,” this is definitely what he meant!