Can’t Get over Matteo Bocelli? Here He Is Singing ‘Love of My Life’ by Queen

If you’ve caught the Bocelli fever, you’re most definitely not alone. The two Bocelli gentlemen have been a treasure to this world with their heavenly voices. We’ve first known and loved the legendary Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli. The way his music effortlessly touches and warms our hearts bring a different level of beauty into our lives. And recently, we’ve been introduced to his son, Matteo. While his charismatic face has been familiar, some people haven’t really heard much of his angelic voice. But for those who have, you know I’m right when I say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

And, by the sound of it, Matteo will have a bright future in his own right. He’s an exceptional pianist and has a crisp voice that brings distinct “freshness” to every song. Each performance is so rich and filled with a burning passion; the way it transmits emotions is unrivaled! And now, he chose to cover a hit tune of the iconic band, Queen. The song in question? None other than Freddie Mercury’s personal masterpiece, “Love of My Life.” To all Queen fans, the time has finally come for a bright musician to give justice to this tender and graceful song. Matteo has arranged for us a stunning rendition that’ll sweep you off your feet.

matteo-covers-queenThe young Bocelli, with his sweet and mesmerizing voice, brought a new life to this classic by performing a slower ballad version. It was so beautifully done you can’t help but swoon over him. He even went further and added some extra depth to the song by flaunting the signature Bocelli vocal weight instead of following Freddie’s controlled vocal trills. The way he intensified this song is almost hypnotic! With the musical flair flowing through his veins, this powerful vocalist has turned his living room into an opera house instantly.

love-of-my-lifeWatch the video below and see Matteo’s outstanding performance that’ll definitely send shivers down your spine!

The way he made sure to encourage the world to be patient and stay inside through a song is so heartwarming. I bet Freddie is happily throwing him kisses now. Bravo!