Chris Kläfford Sings a Heartfelt ‘Imagine’ on America’s Got Talent

There are many kinds of music, but there’s some music that tugged our heartstrings. The best example is Imagine by John Lennon; this is the best-selling single in Lennon’s career. It may be because of its ideal meaning; the lyrics encourage us to imagine a world at peace without any barriers of borders or any division of religion and nationality. It makes us consider the possibility of the world where the whole of humanity would live unattached to material possessions. How beautiful might the world be if it’s true, right?

It’s no wonder why this song elicits emotions from us whenever we hear it. However, an incredibly talented Swedish singer unintentionally intensified the feelings of this song. His name? Chris Kläfford. Born in a small village named Ramsberg in Sweden that he described as having only 15 people living in it, and almost everyone is his family. Chris decided his luck in America’s Got Talent 2019.

Chris-KläffordAccording to him, he started singing when he was in fifth grade. When Simon Cowell asked him who is his inspiration in his music, he mentioned KISS since he was listening to a lot of rock music when he was a kid. Due to his answer, many expected him to sing a well-known rock song. That is why everyone was surprised when he hit the famous John Lennon song’s first note with his deep beautiful voice.

Chris-Kläfford-AGTJust a guitar in hand, he filled the whole room with his gorgeous voice. Everyone in the audience and even the judges were so quiet; it seems like they are soaking up the feeling of his performance. One girl was even seen wiping away her tears. That’s how strong Chris’ performance moved everyone. Watch the video below and see it for yourself.

He may not win the competition, but it certainly opened more doors for him. Currently, he is signed to Universal Music Sweden. If you want to know what he is up to, feel free to follow all his official social media accounts.