Daniele Vitale and Karolina Protsenko’s Quarantine Violin and Sax Duet Is What We All Need

Our body and mind were at work the whole day. We feel so spent that we are physically and mentally drained. The first best thing to do is have a warm bath, then treat yourself lavishly with an appetizing meal. Then sit comfortably and spoil yourself with a piece of relaxing music played by entertaining musicians if you are at home or enjoy the breathtaking scenery in case you are on vacation. It is common to look forward to a better way of relaxing and a quiet night after the hustle and bustle of everyday activity.

If you are like me, who is stuck in your home and are looking for a quick escape on our daily stress, I highly recommend that you listen to this unique version of “Hallelujah.” It is a violin and sax version covered by Karolina Protsenko and Daniele Vitale. This will bring you to a quiet and restful place where the hectic day will be transformed into a superb one.

Daniele-Vitale-Karolina-Protsenko-duet“Hallelujah” is covered by Karolina Protsenko on the violin and Daniele Vitale on Saxophone. They played it simultaneously, where Daniele Vitale played the first part then followed by Karolina Protsenko. After each played their own tune, they played the other half of the music together. It didn’t matter that they were in different locations; the melody brought justice that it seems like they were performing at the same time in one venue.

Daniele-Vitale-Karolina-Protsenko-quarantine-duet.pngDaniele Protsenko played his sax with vigor and calmness, and behind him is a serene seashore on a bright sunny day. While Carolina Protsenko did her part with gusto and delight that she seems to be enjoying her performance and her setting is a quiet scenic village in a valley and a beautiful sunrise. Both of them are performing with enthusiasm and seem like enjoying what they were doing. They relish each moment, which makes their music blend and mix together perfectly.

Would this not be a marvelous relaxation after an exhausting day? Follow more of their tandem because they have a lot more of this kind of video to give you the best entertainment.