Deaf Singer Performs Original Song, Earns Simon’s Golden Buzzer

Mandy Harvey lost her hearing at age 18 because of connective tissue disorder. She just entered college to study Music Education when she became legally deaf. Mandy entered the stage and introduced herself and her interpreter and explains to the judges her history with her hearing.

She further explains she started singing at age four, so she has a life-long love of music. She also reveals she uses a visual tuner and trusts muscle memory to ensure her pitch is correct. Also, she sings and plays barefoot so she can feel the tempo of the music through the floor. Her drive to continue with music despite the challenges is summed up when she says, “I want to do more with my life than just give up.”

I Don’t Feel the Way I Used To

Mandy Harvey's Golden Buzzer moment

Barefoot on stage with a ukulele, Mandy begins her original song, ‘Try,’ which is an honest reflection and narration of her journey back to music. You can tell the judges adore her, especially by the look on Simon’s face at minute 2:48.

Immediately after this moment, Mandy sings the original lyric “I don’t live the way I want to. That whole picture never came into view,” and the camera pans to the audience where everyone appears to be relating to this musical moment.

What Goes Around

Mandy Harvey's Golden Buzzer moment

Mandy’s song begins to wind down with triumph, and the entire audience feels it. At minute 3:17, Mandy does not just feel the music through the floor; she feels the love coming back from the audience. Look at the view of the judges are minute 3:20, it’s pure joy. The audience can feel the honesty in the music, and they give her the love right back. Simon takes it a step further with an immediate Golden Buzzer moment that brings the house down and Mandy to tears.

You can watch the video here:

Mandy’s musical journey is impressive, and we are so glad she continues to share her gift with the world.

Images: YouTube