Did You Know That Angelina Jordan Can Also Sing in Japanese?

We have been following this precious jewel of the entertainment world ever since she started singing at a very tender age. And we can say that she is really a true artist in the real sense of the world. And this time she goes Japanese and let’s see how she fairs here. Angelina Jordan started her singing career at the age of seven when she joined Norway’s Got Talent where she covered Billie Holiday’s “Gloomy Sunday”. From then on we have witnessed how she flourished into her journey to the music world, she really has proven how amazing her performances were. And once again she will prove to us her luster into her chosen path.

What’s so amazing this time is she will be doing it in another language, in Japanese. “Kawa no Nagare no yo ni” means “Flow of the River” sang by Hibari Misora but sadly this was the last single she recorded as she passed away right after its release in 1989. This was composed by Akira Mitake and lyrics by Yasushi Akimoto. This song became the unsurpassed Japanese song of all time in the national poll in 1997 by NHK, which garnered more than ten million votes. And some artists performing live often choose this song as a tribute to Misora.

It is not astounding for we all know that she will not only do justice but will even exceed our expectations once again. She delivered the song with tenderness and graciousness just like how Hibari Misora furnished hers. However there is a bit of difference in the range of the voice, Misora sounded so matured while Angelina’s version was very young and innocent. Bravo once again to this girl who always performs barefooted.

Watch below and listen to how Angelina carried out the song just like Misora.

Don’t you just love the range of things this girl can do?