Fans Loved How Soothing Harry Styles’ Voice Is in This Tiny Desk Concert

Anybody here who misses the lovely voice of the sweetheart Harry Styles? Well, here’s an ever-charming performance you’re surely going to stan. Make your day a little more interesting with a mesmerizing video of this pop singer! To the fans, you better prepare your heart as it’ll definitely make you feel a mix of emotions. (I know, I haven’t recovered from the heartbreaking disband too.) He stepped into the iconic office of the NPR Music, sporting an adorable powder blue knit sweater. And just like that, the charismatic singer with his slightly unkempt hair has left everyone breathless as he sings your worries away for about twenty minutes.

This is for the long-running “Tiny Desk Concert” series, where different talented artists were invited to bestow the beautiful world melodies that just transcend your soul. The library background, full of books and knick-knacks, even gives off a more intimate and laidback vibe. With a guitar by his side, he went on and performed four gorgeous songs from his latest solo album, Fine Line. He even chose just the most fitting songs that speak right to the time being without even realizing it! NPR was quick to note that his stripped-down concert was recorded way back when masks and home isolation were still not mandated.

tiny-desk-harry-styleBut, I tell you, the tracks were spot on! He started with the song “Cherry,” an emotional ode to the crippling longing for his lost love. This is then followed by the funk-pop “Watermelon Sugar,” which brings us back to the euphoria and excitement of early love. And his seductive smiles are not helping me very much with this high! His next piece is called “To Be So Lonely”, which is so emotional and somber, it pierces in your heart deeply. Finally, he ended the show with the song “Adore You”. And, oh honey, it brings you to rainbow paradise! The way he sang it is so full of certainty that it makes you feel every word that comes out of his mouth.

harry-style-tiny-deskWatch the video below and have some irresistible goodness you’d absolutely adore.

When Harry said, “I have to come into NPR more often”, we all couldn’t agree more!