John Legend’s Tiny Desk Concert Will Make You Watch from Start to Finish

OMG! It’s getting hot in here! Stop whatever you’re doing right now and lend me your full attention. In a special number at the NPR Music Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, we get to see an intimate performance of the legend himself, John Legend. And, I’m telling you, it’ll fill up all your senses! He got his band together to fly from Philadelphia to a cozy space in Los Angeles and record a session. They ran through some of the lovely songs from his latest album, “Bigger Love,” and gave us what certainly is one of the best 15 minutes of our lives!

The band greeted the viewers with a sultry number that has definitely established the vibe. It’s hazy and a little bit sexy, making anyone go ooh la la. After taking our breath away and making us sway with the song “Ooh Laa”, he took his barstool and sat in front of the camera. He then proceeded with the soulful piece, “Wild.” It was so passionate and full of blazing emotions yet graceful and light at the same time. Later on, he decided to go over the piano and play the keys himself for his next song. This time, he chose the emotional “Conversations in the Dark”.

John-LegendThis was even made better by the gospel choir harmonizing like angels in the background. It’s both soothing and heartwarming; you just had to close your eyes for a bit and feel the melody. This is followed by his final song, “Bigger Love,” wrapping up the performance in quite a much upbeat tone. There’s just something about it that makes you dance a bit and feel some island, tropical vibe. The charming singer’s suave aura is also ever pleasing; it just doesn’t fail to make you smile.

John-Legend-Tiny-DeskWatch the stunning video below, and be allured with his relaxing groove and captivating voice.

His songs aren’t just brilliant and wonderful, but they’re also packed with a beautiful message. “This song, ‘Bigger Love,’ is about the power of love to get us through tough times, the idea that when you have love, it makes you more resilient, makes you more hopeful and we all need a little dance break too,” John said.