Girls Who Lost Her Vision Has the Purest and Most Angelic Voice on Britain’s Got Talent

There are people whom we never met personally but are able to touch our hearts in a very personal manner. One of those people is the talented Sirine Jahangir from London. A girl who lost her eyesight at the young age of 10. The now 15-year-old girl showcased her incredible talent in front of the judges and audience of the recent edition of the well-known TV franchise Britain’s Got Talent. “Excited” is what Sirine stated when the two hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly asked her what she felt before she started her performance. After a sweet kiss from her dad, the two hosts guided the beautiful teenager to the stage.

The first thing that Sirine was able to exclaim when Anthony left her on stage was “Oh My God”, then David proceeded in knowing more about her by asking where she is from and who came with her in the audition which she proudly stated that most of her family is there to support her. The famous judge asked her more about the story of her life, “So I guess it’s pretty obvious that I can’t see. There was a time where I could and now I can’t but I guess music is my vision and that’s just what I live by and music is my thing.” she stated.

Well, her incredible performance certainly makes us see her vision through our ears. She performed an emotional song by Gabrielle Aplin titled “Salvation”. The combination of the beautiful lyrics of the song and the angelic voice of Sirine Jahangir turns the stage of the famous TV show into an Eden of music. All of the audiences and even the judges are clearly captivated by the moving performance of this highly talented teenager. Even his own brother cannot contain his emotion while watching her sister showcasing her incredible voice on stage.

Watch how this 15-year-old angel mesmerizes everyone who hears her voice below:

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