Guy Missed the Train After Watching 12-Year-Old Play Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’

Here is another phenomenal piece from the Boy Wonder, the 12-year-old Cole Lam, playing “We are the Champion” at London St. Pancras International. “We Are The Champion” was written by Freddie Mercury in 1977 and was considered one of their well-known anthem. Freddie Mercury was thinking of football when he wrote this song; it is about the struggle and effort to reach victory in spite of all the stumbling block, fighting over adversities, and ending up victorious. He said he composed this song, thinking mainly of the masses, his fans, and sport. “We Are The Champion” and “We Will Rock You” both referred to “WE,” meaning them the band the fans and all of their supporters.

Cole was playing on the Yamaha piano donated by Elton John. One man even missed his train because he got engrossed watching the young artist’s performance. Cole Lam studied classical pieces through regular piano lessons. He already performed in front of different personalities, from royalties to regular common people on train stations and open stage festival.

we-are-the-champions These experiences gave him a wider scope of modern contemporary music. So aside from continuing his traditional piano studies at the Diploma level, he fabricated his own adaptation in rock and pop music. He pieced together instrumental and vocal in piano cover. He also composes his own classical and contemporary music.

cole-lam-championsHis Facebook and YouTube performances in shopping malls, train stations like the one below, and other public places garnered him 35 million views and 100k subscribers in just a year.

Once again, let’s support and follow the videos on Facebook and Twitter of the Boy Wonder, Cole Lam. Let’s get to know more of his compositions and performances, so he can continue giving joy and smiles and entertainment to all. Let us be an inspiration to him as he is to us.