Here’s What ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park Sounds When Played by an Orchestra

As if the song isn’t perfect in itself, this orchestra has even taken it to another level! One of the biggest and best rock songs of the famous Linkin Park just had a classical makeover. And it’s one of the dopest things you’ll see on the internet today. The song in question? The band’s hit tune and crowd favorite, Numb! Ironically, it’ll make you feel more alive than ever. The geniuses behind this interesting arrangement are The Epic Orchestra. True enough to their name, they take on different songs and transform them into epic classical compositions.

What comes after are interesting masterpieces that are pretty unimaginable when you try to think about it. But these fellas were definitely up for the challenge. Their version of Numb is somehow familiar, yet it’s very different at the same time. It’s not the good old song that makes you want to shout your heart out, yet it still resonates with your soul. Without the banging sounds and heavy tones, it seems peaceful and tender. The way they re-imagined it through brass and strings without stripping off its iconic melody creates a light symphony that comforts the inner you.

epic-orchestraHonestly, it makes me wanna cry! The highs and lows come in such graceful motion that takes you to a magical safe space. It brings you back to a beautiful time when Chester was still alive and well. For a song with this title, the music definitely makes you feel a full range of emotions. It’s a bittersweet reminder of a lovely person who once battled his demons through music. It even makes you want to hear him sing along one more time.

numb-orchestraClose your eyes as you listen to their touching rendition below and hold back no tears anymore.

Is it just me, or would this be a perfect movie score? Somebody give these talents a contract now!