This Linkin Park Performance of Their Song ‘In the End’ Has Everyone so Nostalgic

Are you ready to sing along? Let’s take a trip back to memory lane with this surprise performance of Linkin Park at the Grand Central Terminal. The commuters immediately stopped on their tracks in the middle of a busy day as soon as they noticed the band’s unexpected popup concert. They just had to! Suddenly, the subway station turned into a concert hall, with hundreds of people flooding the place just to witness the music icon perform. Some fans were even brought to tears as they sing along with Chester.

The band played their famous hit song, “In The End,” and the crowd went wild! It was a beautiful time where people were united as they sing together this ironic anthem. I honestly write this with a heavy yet happy heart as it’s a bittersweet reminder of when Chester was still alive and well. Looking back, I still can’t believe this would never happen again- at least not in this lifetime. It was a mixture of joy and pain wrapped into one; I couldn’t even explain it.

linkin-park-in-the-endChester’s voice is full of delicate ferociousness; it distinctly sends chills down your spine. And seeing him perform one more time after his passing, it made me realize how he had to struggle to balance the light and darkness in his life- which all extend to his music. True enough to the song’s lyrics, our dear Chester did become a memory of time. “Time is a valuable thing. Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings. Watch it count down to the end of the day. The clock ticks life away.” It speaks right to everyone’s heart as if paying homage to its creator.

linkin-park-subwayWatch the video below and feel the insufferable nostalgia of the smiles and other magnificence of the band we have loved for years.

Rest your beautiful soul, Chester. You won’t be forgotten.