High School Girl’s Fast Violin Performance Gains the Crowd’s Approval

It was a lovely night at the bustling neighborhood of Yonsei-ro, Sinchon in Korea when a busker in front of Hongik Bookstore introduced a guest violinist to play with her. Jiyoon Song was passing by when she saw the interesting street performer. With her violin in hand, she knew that it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase her incredible talent. Luckily, when she asked the busker Aram Moon if she can perform with her, the lovely lady immediately agreed! And so, the world was bestowed with an amazing act that will definitely make your jaw drop.

Jiyoon didn’t let the chance pass and has decided to play a fast piece to keep his brother from waiting. What exactly did she play, you might ask? Well, it’s nothing really. Just a traditional Hungarian folk dance piece that has caused a lot of headaches to all aspiring violin players! The musical piece in question is “Csárdás” or “Czardas” by Italian composer Vittorio Monti. For those who don’t know, it’s a rhapsodical piece that just takes you to another world and plays with your emotions as it progresses.

When the two musicians got all set, the pianist took the spotlight first with a slow melody. A few seconds later, the violin started to jive in, creating a dreamy sound the resounds the place. It was stunning! But that was not the best part yet. As the song continues, the violinist started increasing her tempo. She didn’t even skip a beat. Yet the exciting melody didn’t last long and we’re back to the enchanting symphony that’s purely breathtaking. In the end, the piece had a wild whirl again and this time, it was much more intense. That crowd was left in awe!

Watch the spectacular video below and admire this young lady for her exceptional skills!

Wow, just wow! I’d be happy to be just half as good as her with the violin. This talent will surely go places.