Homeless Man Sings ‘All of Me’ by John Legend and Makes $200 in a Day Singing in Exchange for Food

Have I got an inspirational story for you! This here is a story of an amazing artist’s rise to fame, fall to rock bottom, and the acceptance of humility to once again find glory in his art. Even as a kid Byon Artell McCullough had the flame to become a great music artist, with the love and support of his grandparents, he finally did in 2008 when he went by the name $aga Ca$h; he had the charm and appeal that captures the hearts of his fans, unfortunately, with unfortunate circumstances, opportunities with Universal Records fell through. Byon was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the distribution of narcotics. With the loss of his freedom topped with the death of his grandparents, losing time with his kids, and seeing the true nature of his so-called friend, he found himself in a downward spiral.

Even after being freed a year later, he found himself with no outlook in life, lost after the hopes of a second chance in the entertainment business under the name $aga Ca$h became impossible due to lack of resources and budget, plus the slim to none possibility of him getting a normal job thanks to his felony charges, Byon had no choice but to look for an honest living without relying too much on friends and families.


The statement “Motivation is born when the necessity of life presents itself with strength” inspired him so much, and he developed “The Broke Homie No Ca$h” a homeless, broke real-life character who has nothing but his talent which he uses to inspire through street performances. His street performances became famous, and he eventually teamed up with Spike Fe, a risk-taking videographer, which resulted in millions of YouTube views.


With the continued pursuit of greater heights, he switched his name to kNOw Ca$h, “making knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration his key distribution to people to achieve greater goals in life unashamed of circumstances.” Watch where it all started below.

“People that are real to themselves create real change for others” – kNOw Ca&h