How This Man Plays a Mozart Medley on a Toy Piano Is Insane

We sometimes get to have a lazy day, that we do not feel like moving and doing things around, so we need only something to perk us up to come around. Sometimes a lazy day is a free time to enjoy a few moments for ourselves and enjoy the warmth of our bed or couch. So maybe you can just sit and relax and enjoy some music. This masterpiece is the one you should definitely listen to rouse you up and brighten your hazy mind. It’s a medley of Mozart-Rondo Alla Turca (Turkish March), mind you, it’s played in a toy piano.

Isn’t it amazing to create an orchestra like music with a toy piano? The only difference is it the sound is low pitch though, compared to a regular one or a grand piano at that is being used for concerts. The incredibly cute baby piano is placed on top of the big piano. The regular piano has 88 keys, 52 white and 36 black, but this one has 13 black and 19 white, a total of 32 keys more or less.

Mozart-medley-toy-pianoCan you imagine this artist can create a symphony with only one tiny instrument? Look how fast he wriggles his fingers gracefully, and the way he toys with the keys is incredible. Its really beyond belief how his hands fitted in that small space. He even covered a “Mozart-Rondo Alla Turka” medley at that. A piece of classical music from Mozart. It’s not that easy doing a piece with a big piano with a bigger range, what more with a small one.

toy-piano-mozart-medleyYou can watch his lovely performance below:

Didn’t this recital took away the cobweb in your head and took away your feeling of idleness? We have more of this performance on videos that will cheer us up, follow him on YouTube and Facebook.