Inka Gold’s Brilliant Take on Abba’s ‘Chiquitita’ Entertains from Cheyenne

Sit back, relax, and close your eyes as you listen to this dynamic duo play Abba’s hit tune, “Chiquitita.” This 70s classic has just got a unique instrumental makeover by the ever-talented Inka Gold. For those who don’t know, the pair is of two brothers, namely Oscar Andres Morales Vega and Pablo Santiago Morales Vega. They are proud natives of the ancient South American Tribe. In fact, the band name is derived from the tribe itself known as “*Inca*.” And not only that but also the way they make music always honors their traditions.

Oscar is the master of pan flutes and is usually the one with the main melody. On the other hand, Pablo has a knack for stringed instruments, especially the good old guitar, and brings life to the song with his incredible accompaniment. Together, they can make anything- any song- sound so relaxing and gorgeous. The combination of the lovely instruments is just so hypnotic; you keep wanting for more. Now, they’re here in what looks like a simple pop-up booth to take us off our burdens and entertain us with their exquisite art once more.

ChiquititaIn the video, you can see the duo perform ever confidently and smoothly, a very iconic piece. They started with the flute on the lead, letting out the familiar sound of the song we’ve all loved. The mellow sound that comes out of the instrument is very soothing as if it’s taking you somewhere dreamy and even nostalgic. And then, Oscar finally switched to his famous pan flute and started to liven up the atmosphere a bit. Still, the gracefulness and softness of the melody remained intact. But the sound seemed to be a bit higher and fuller, creating a different “flavor” to the mix.

Chiquitita-inka-goldWatch the one-of-a-kind version below and even hum along. Enjoy its pleasantness and lightness that might even bring you back to the good old days.

Fun fact, Chiquitita is actually a Spanish endearment for women. It means “little one.” With that in mind, the message of the song just becomes extra sweet and loving if you think about it. And the two talents certainly gave this tender song justice. Kudos!