Watch Inka Gold’s Soul Soothing Pan Flute Rendition of ‘Hotel California’

The Ecuadorian brothers Inka Gold is here to take us to a dark desert highway journey with Eagle’s classic hit song, “Hotel California.” The legendary piece has been performed millions of times by many different amazing artists, yet it still never gets old. Don’t believe me? Go search it on YouTube right now and tell me how many results you see! After all, it’s debatably the most iconic piece of the band. I mean, what usually comes to mind first when you think of or hear about the “Eagles”? It’s the very song, right?

Not to mention that this ‘70s single has brought the American rock band to earn a Grammy award for Record of the Year. It has also reached the top of the charts on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s sung by many professionals and is even the favorite go-to karaoke song. I can just go on and on about how this legendary track is everything you could ask for. But I guess everyone who has heard of the piece knows what I mean. From its beautiful melody and striking rhythm to the notable guitar riffs that never fails to amuse the crowd, it’s the perfect package!

hotel-californiaAnd this interesting duo, Pablo Santiago Morales Vega and Oscar Andres Morales Vega will surely lead us to a lovely place with their own arrangement of the renowned song. All they needed was two guitars, their iconic pan flute, and some chimes to complete the set. The result is a soulful version that just brings out a different side of the already amazing piece. It’s soothing and reviving at the same time- it relaxes your soul but makes you feel alive more than ever!

hotel-california-inka-goldAs if that’s not enough, they even made sure to end the piece with a bang. Pablo showed off his fingerpicking skills and has rocked the guitar solo as he seamlessly touched the strings on the rights places at the right time. It was remarkable!

Watch the interesting rendition below and have a nice surprise for yourself.

Well, the duo sure did ace this piece! I wonder what else they have in store for us soon.