Native American Brothers Give Tribute to Their Rich Culture by Playing Music with Their Traditional Instruments

Cultures of the Native Americans across the United States are known for their extensive variation and distinction of lifestyle and beliefs; their array of paraphernalia, clothing, ornaments, decorations, and art forms are carried out from ancient times up to the present. Their music includes American Indian Music or Native Americans, usually performed by indigenous people of North America.

Let’s listen to these brothers Pablo Santiago Morales Vega and Oscar Andres Morales Vega pays tribute to their native American culture through their music. They were born in Ecuador’s Andes Mountain and is currently living in Mexico. Their rendition of “The “Lonely Shepherd” is so mesmerizing that they carry us back to the native land and bring us nearer to nature. They were trying to impart the tradition of the past to the viewers to give them the feel of the old heritage.

native-americanNative American musicians are passionate, which was proven to us by the melody of their music, how they were able to touch the inner soul of the listeners. They extended their passion with music to the listeners by the way they play their instruments with Oscar playing the pan flute with harmony and Pablo the guitar with relish. They were able to merge their music with the rich Native American traditions to the modern song.

native-american-brothersWatch their unique and relaxing performance below:

Being lovers of music from childhood brought them together to create a melody in their songs and set up together a music ensemble called Inka Gold. And through their music, they create and ushered with it the rich culture and traditions of Native Americans. They are like reincarnations of their ancestors that they relay through their music from the past life of their native land. This is the way they intended to show their respect and admiration to the native land, and they gave justice to their purpose. They will continue to bring more harmonious music, and I cannot wait for more of their performances.