Kid Was Playing Piano in a Subway, Man Asked Him to Play Really Hard Song

Are you a great fan of the legendary Queen? What are your favorite hits? No wonder many famous artists and those aspiring to be, have given their own rendition of the Queen’s many hits. It is their way of paying tribute to the rock icon, immortalizing this true legend that rocks you and the world. Different renditions have come from other avenues, from practice pieces, concerts, singing auditions to subway shows. No doubt, all of them have given their due in honoring the legend.

But have you witnessed a live performance or have seen renditions played in the subway? A young boy plays a favorite Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at London St. Pancras International Station. Amusingly, as he was about to start his performance, a man came on him and urged him with enthusiasm to play the same song that the young boy was about to play! And the young boy could only manage to give the man a shy smile as his way of appreciation and began again touching the piano. People started to gather around and get curious about what they are about to witness.

As the boy navigates every tile of the instrument, he never fails to capture every note of the hit song. And Alas! he slays every tempo of the beat, delivering the melodies of the much-loved song. His audiences just so love it as the music in the background brought every sweet memory to their senses with this classic song they have grown to love, bringing his audience into another world by reminiscing good old times and remembering the rock icon.

In this video, this young boy will blow your mind away! He is young, and the song was way far behind him, but he seems the little Freddie Mercury in one of his great performances when he played it. Watch the whole video and see for yourself!

Freddie could have been prouder watching this young boy’s exceptional performance in his honor.