Lindsey Stirling (VenTribe) Sings ‘We Found Love’ and Touches Hearts

Isn’t it a great feeling knowing that we have made a difference and was able to put a smile on someone’s face? A pleasure that can never be explained, that we significantly extended our hands and reached out a helping hand. This is called sharing; giving is always better than receiving, don’t you think so?

Lindsey Sterling found love by sharing her talent and performing an unforgettable number in Kenya. This amazing entertainer is an American violinist, and she does a different kind of music. The arrival of Lindsey in Kenya was definitely a great surprise for the tribe. Having a once in lifetime entertainment, with strangers bonding and partying with them. Oh boy! What a heartwarming feeling is bringing joy to these people, seeing that wide smile and laughter on their beautiful faces.

Lindsey-Stirling-VenTribeTogether with her team, they started a video of them performing on a vast land opening in the village, playing the violin and drums. It’s very obvious how the Kenyans were having the best time of their lives, frolicking, and prancing with Lindsey. She even tried teaching one of them to play the violin; the children’s giggles and laughter are very alluring to hear. It certainly fills one’s heart with love. What a break for the school children to have someone to entertain them like what Lindsey did; it is so clear on their faces that they were all beaming with joy. Even the animals in the video were having the best of their time.

Lindsey-StirlingLindsey said this performance is meaningful and special for her, seeing amazing places and meeting incredible people. She definitely found and share love everywhere, even in hopeless places. Watch the heartwarming performance below:

To know more about the beauty of Lindsey Stirling’s heart and to witness more of her talent, follow her on her official YouTube channel.