Men’s Bathroom Choir Covers ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ Due to Dozens of Requests

A group of boys has decided to show their love of music in one of the most peculiar ways. They thought it’d be great to perform in the men’s bathroom! If you’re a bit freaked out about this, don’t you worry; they assured everyone that they take care of the place’s hygiene. Plus, I mean, isn’t it a bit practical to do this? Hear me out. All shower singers know that the echo of this place is superb! So, while it may be a bit unconventional and the last thing a performer would film their masterpiece, it’s actually a brilliant idea.


The geniuses behind this, aptly called the Men’s Bathroom Choir, are students of Gibbs High School. The choir includes fifteen members who are all apparently part of the Pinellas County Center for the Arts. It’s a program of the school that provides professional training for visual and performing arts enthusiasts. And the video below truly shows that they’re all trained exceptionally well. They sang in perfect harmony the iconic song, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” of the movie, “The Lion King”. I bet even Simba would love this quirky version!


The unique all-men choir was founded when Timofei Sennikov started to ponder about how the cinder block walls create perfect acoustics. And so, he started inviting his classmates to meet in the bathroom and sing. Soon enough, word spread which catapulted to the creation of what we know now as the MBC. They were keen to meet twice a week every lunchtime to sing the music they’ve arranged themselves beforehand. And as you can see, their hard work both inside and outside the bathroom truly paid off.

Watch the video below and be amused by the hilarious yet impressive performance of these talented men in a small, two-stall restroom.

Who would’ve thought that a bathroom choir could garner millions of views? They even plan on performing to other bathrooms around the city! What a dream!