Naomi’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Blind Audition Has the Judges Turn in Less than 10 Seconds!

Naomi, a pretty 11-year old girl shocks the audience as two out of the four judges turned around almost instantly after the first 10 seconds of her performance. More than singing, she makes a musical performance covering the famous song of Queen entitled “Bohemian Rhapsody” while playing in a grand piano. “The Voice” is a hit reality TV show searching for the most talented singers in different countries. “The Voice Kids” is another version for contestants aged 6 to 15. As a worldwide phenomenon, most likely you know the concept of the show — the contestants were judged through the so-called blind audition.

For the main character of our story, Naomi sits with a piano to own the stage with her music. Within 10 seconds, two judges, “The Voice” Season 3 winner Kendji and rapper-singer-songwriter Soprano, didn’t get a hard time deciding. The two remaining judges, the singer-actress Jenifer and singer Patrick Fiori turned around before the 2-minute mark. Her family jump and shout as they couldn’t contain their joy from the judges’ decision. There’s no aggressiveness in the way she sings, yet her voice was distinct, calm, and perfectly interpreted in her way. Truly, a remarkable talent with great potentials.

Many had inborn beautiful singing voices, some knew how to play musical instruments gracefully, few are equally talented in both. For Naomi, it’s not every day that we see a young kid singing and playing piano in what we can consider in a professional level. For making a cover of the Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury who originally performed the song while playing piano, she did an amazing feat comparable to adult professional musicians. Watch her and see for yourself why these judges couldn’t resist her voice.

As an FYI, after she sang, judges serenaded Naomi to choose one among them as her mentor and ends up with Kendji, who’s also the first to turn around during the blind audition. With her talent, she’s really worth fighting for.