Native American Brothers Perform ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’ on Pan Flute in Mesa Arizona

Well, today is the day for another treat from the amazing combo brothers! The amazing Inka Gold! They are serving us a classic song, “I Just Call to Say I Love You.” They certainly give a refreshing take to the ballad song written, produced, and sung by the one and the only Stevie Wonder.

The meaning of the lyrics of the song is incredibly sweet; it depicts how a simple call can show how you truly love a person. Due to its romantic meaning or just the amazing voice of Stevie Wonder, this classic ballad song scored number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks, received recognition in different music categories, and even earned awards in Golden Globe and Academy Award.

brothers-panfluteHowever, once you heard the incredible version of this song that has been performed by this famous brother duo, you will think that they deserve an award as well. Oscar Andrés Morales Vega and Pablo Santiago Morales Vega serenaded our hearts with their melodious cover using their traditional instruments in the video that they uploaded last June 2016. The video, which is less than 5 minutes long, will instantly relax your mind, and forget all about your worries. All you can do is close your eyes while listening to the wonderful rhythm that they are producing.

brothers-I-Just-Called-to-Say-I-Love-YouAccording to their website, Inka Gold’s purpose is to continue the tradition that started amongst the ancient Incan people. They want to continue performing the traditional music that came from their grandfathers while using their traditional instruments to create and perform contemporary pieces. Watch how they were able to achieve that in their performance below:

If you cannot get enough of this wonderful duo, then you must check out their official YouTube account and be mesmerized by the unique music that they are creating.