Native Americans Pan Flute Rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ by Inka Gold Gets Redone This 2020

The exceptional musical pair, Inka Gold, is here again to soothe our hearts and pacify our souls with their lovely symphony. You might have heard of the different renditions of the famous gospel song, “Amazing Grace.” From the heavenly voice of the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli bringing magic to the piece, to cute toddlers barely mastering the art of speech blabbering along with the melody, the song has been etched in a lot of people’s hearts and minds for decades. But I bet you haven’t heard yet of a cover such as this.

For those who don’t know, the two, namely Pablo Santiago Morales Vega and Oscar Andres Morales Vega, are natives of Ecuador’s Andes Mountains. And their music is heavily influenced by their Native American culture. The band name, “Inca” is even a tribute to their ancient South American tribe’s name. Together, they create elegant arrangements of different songs that are always fascinating. They construct little by little unique harmonies that combine traditional and contemporary music ever beautifully, leaving the world in awe of each performance. And their remake of the “Amazing Grace” is no exception.

inka-goldThe duo started off with Pablo softly strumming his guitar and building up the rhythm as Oscar prepares his flute on the side. The melody was like a tender caress on your ears. And when Oscar started playing his instrument, you just know that something magical is about to happen. But wait, there’s more! As if the simple flute wasn’t enough, he took out his iconic pan flute mid-performance. And the result was a finer melody that transcends your soul. It was hypnotic!

inka-gold-amazing-graceWatch the relaxing video below and be at peace, knowing about His amazing grace!

Nothing can truly stop artists from bringing hope and lightness to the world. Thankfully, technology allows them to have a platform and help us get through this trying time. Now, we can sit back and stay at home with them!