Nervous 10-Year-Old Can Barely Speak but Her Delivery of Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ Wins the Golden Buzzer

10-year-old Roberta Battaglia walks on to the stage and can barely speak. She is very outgoing and cheerful in her interview before the audition. Roberta tells us how much she loves signing, and she fell into performing when she was three-year-old.

Having spent her childhood watching America’s Got Talent on TV, she is finally actualizing her dream by taking the stage herself. ” I may only be 10-years-old, but I have big dreams,” she declares. She began singing when she found her father’s microphone left around, and she never wanted to put it down. Roberta’s parents support her wholeheartedly and wish for her to realize her dreams.

Big Dreams

Voice shaking, Roberta introduces herself to the judges. Thee judges seem enchanted with her personality, but I do not think they had any idea what was coming.

They have to stop the audition to offer her some water before she continues with her performance. She is singing Lady Gaga, and when the music begins, and there is not a single thing about her singing voice that represents her nerves or the fact that she is only 10-years-old.

A Star is Born

Roberta Battaglia 's Golden Buzzer moment

Roberta starts out strong, lulling the judges to close their eyes and just listen. However, everything changes at minute 4:48 when the song shifts, and Roberta begins to hint to everyone at what she can do. I would be shocked if anyone in the audience were sitting down at this point.

As the song ends, Roberta bursts into tears – she knows what she accomplished and that this audition changes everything for her. Standing ovation over, the judges admire her natural talent. Simon gives her advice to handle her bullies. Sophia puts to rest anyone every bullying Roberta again with this fantastic Golden Buzzer moment at minute 8:30 of the video.

Roberta Battaglia earns the Golden Buzzer

You can watch the video here:

It is easy to imagine Roberta will replay this moment over and over in her mind.

Images: YouTube