Relax in This Relaxing Harp Cover of Sailor Moon’s “Moonlight Densetsu / Star Locket Theme”

Sailor Moon is an anime that became a significant part of a girl and even a guy’s childhood. It followed a story of a normal school girl as she transforms into a sailor moon to find a magical artifact known as “Legendary Silver Crystal.” It was originally run from December 1991 to February 1997, and it is highly successful not just in Japan but in the whole world. I bet that whenever you attend a cosplay event, there is always that one person who will wear a Sailor Moon costume.

Due to its worldwide popularity, it developed a cult following among anime fans. According to sources, there is a study that there are more than 3 million websites about Sailor Moon. Imagine that? With all these numerous resources, even someone new in the Sailor Moon fandom can easily be acquainted with it.

sailor-moon-harpMaybe you are thinking, why I’m rambling about Sailor Moon. Well, it’s because I saw a very relaxing rendition of the Sailor Moon’s opening theme song while I’m randomly exploring my YouTube feed. The video that already has more than one million views played the very well-known Moonlight Densetsu in a harp. The girl who moves her fingers masterfully and intricately to produce this soothing sound is famously known as “harpsona.” Harpsona or Nile Wilson started to play the harp when she was 21. She is an avid video gamer; that is why video games music is a massive part of her life. This makes her decide to incorporate her lifelong hobby to her newfound passion. It is no wonder why she chose to cover one of the famous songs in our favorite anime.

relaxing-harp-sailor-moonEmbrace the nostalgia and let us all return to the happiest time of our childhood, even for a minute by playing the relaxing video below.

To listen more to the beautiful harp music of harpsona, follow all her official social media accounts.