She Just Wanted to Catch the Train, Goes Viral When She Sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’

Have you ever been ambushed by someone and asked you to finish a song for them? If you’re from the UK, you’re likely to encounter YouTuber Kevin Freshwater, who does a multitude of online shows, and one of them is called “Finish the Lyrics!” where he approaches random people and asks them to continue the song he starts. He has been doing it for quite some time, and he occasionally encounters amazingly talented people with amazing voices.

One encounter with such people, though, totally blew his mind. In one episode of “Finish the Lyrics,” he approaches a lady who’s minding her own business just trying to get to her destination. He exclaims, “Finish the Lyrics!” and continues to sing, “Tell me somethin’, girl are you happy in this modern world?” the lady though caught by surprise goes on with, “Or do you need more?” all that Kevin was able to say was “Wow!” and asks the lady to finish the song which she does with perfection.

Image credit: YouTube

The lady was English singer-songwriter Charlotte Awbery, her impromptu performance shocked everyone on the web after Kevin posted her video. Within a week, Charlotte has gained over two hundred thousand followers and even got invited to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she performed shallow and was, of course, interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres herself.

Image credit: YouTube

Even Ellen was amazed by her performance, like Kevin, all she could say was “Wow” too. In the interview, it was revealed that Charlotte had been a singer for 15 years. Apparently, she does weddings and pubs. She also has a single which she released in 2017 entitled “Give Up This Girl,” which was described as old school Alicia Keys or Whitney Houston” by MTV Australia. What her performance and interview in the video below.

Her video had since gotten more than sixteen million views, which she apparently didn’t know and was surprised when Ellen told her.