She Wrote an Obituary for Her Beloved Golden Retriever and It Went Viral

Sallie Gregory Hammett was 23 when he had Charlie, he was named after the character Charlie Conway from “The Mighty Ducks”, and he lived up to his namesake’s heart all his life. She was the best buddy for her, that he became her constant companion from fun to work. She brought him to work being her agency is pet-friendly. And on their fun days, they traveled together, played on the beach, and hiked mountains. Even when she married to husband David, Charlie was at the front row.

He consumed his last days on the beach his favorite place doing the things he loved to do like frolicking and meeting the waves as it comes. And his last days were spent happy to be cherished forever. After five months of bravery, he lost his hard-fought battle with lymphoma. Sallie spent four days crying over Charlie but despite her grief, she decided to write an obituary for Charlie about all his whims, from the things he loved and the things he didn’t like. Everything around her will be a reminder of her beloved dog.

To immortalize them and to recognize his importance to her. She wrote that he is good at a lot of things especially at giving unconditional love. He taught people how to love and see the good things in others. She hopes that Charlie’s life will help people recognize love the way Charlie did.

After posting Charlie’s obituary the message reverberated and went viral. Then perhaps thousands of pups will be given extra love in honor of Charlie the golden retriever. See below for more of his legacy to inspire people.

He will never be forgotten and will forever be cherished and remembered especially the ferocious love he left behind that will never be forgotten. As the saying goes, we don’t deserve dogs. They are the purest.