Simon Asked Her to Sing a Second Song, but He Wasn’t Prepared for What He Heard

Christina Rae, from Nashville, Tennessee, stepped on the stage for America’s Got Talent. Christina tells the judges she is a single mom who lived in her car while pregnant due to homelessness. Also, Christina wants an opportunity to use her talent to change the quality of her life. She wants her own home for her and her son, so she can give him everything she does not have. Charmed by Christina’s two-year-old son who wandered to the stage, Jeremiah, they wish her well.

Been Waiting for This Moment

Christina Rae's Golden Buzzer Moment

Christina begins her performance with Phil Collins’ song, “In the Air Tonight.” The audience loves her performance, and when Simon asks her to sing her second song, the crowd lets him know exactly how they feel about it. You can witness this at minute 4:23. Simon asks her to treat this second song as an encore, and she decides to let the moment happen.

Just a Shot Away

Christina launches into the Rolling Stone song “Gimmie Shelter,” and it takes only seconds to comprehend this performance would eclipse the first, and the first song was already fantastic.

Simon’s instincts prove to be right, and you can see the exact moment he realizes he is witnessing a life-changing moment at minute 6:03.

Christina Rae's Golden Buzzer Moment

Christina finishes the second performance with as much power as she began and soaked in the thunderous applause and standing ovation. Simon describes her voice as ‘insanely good’ and tells her the whole point of making the shows he does is to find people who can sing like her. Heidi is ready to change everything for Christina, and you can see the emotional Golden Buzzer moment at minute 8:45. Grab a tissue.

You can watch the video here:

Christina worked hard and endured a lot to get to this moment. We celebrate along with her as she actualizes her dreams for both her and Jeremiah.

Images: YouTube