Spontaneous Piano and Sax Duet Stole the Passengers’Attention

Do you ever wonder sometimes how some people can be so talented, i do also ponder myself what talent perhaps i could have had to be able to share with others, to give them entertainment. I was given a chance to have piano lessons when i was young, i learned the piano notes and played a few pieces but never became as amazingly good as this young lady over a video i came across on YouTube. It’s about this young lady who played the piano astonishingly and was joined spontaneously by a young saxophone player who is another gifted artist. What an excellent pair.

This was in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, when two strangers joined together to perform a Boogie-Woogie number at the delight of the audience. This young lady is Ladyva, a professional pianist, who chances upon a piano which made her decide to do an adlib piece to while away the time. She attracted a crowd and started to gather around her, and one of them was a young sax player and came to join her to do an impromptu number.

piano-girlJust look how the pianist wriggles her fingers on the piano keyboard, and her feet on the pedal that can go as fast as her hands. The sax player also did his piece with intensifying. She did not try to outrage him but instead gave him a chance to show his talent. Some people just passed by and gape but most of them stayed to watch and have fun. Those armed with their cell phone started taking pictures. Not long after came father and son who stopped by to watch and even stood up in front of the lady who was taking pictures. That was a big treat on an ordinary day.


Watch the impromptu performance of these two talented musicians:

It’s so lovely to have a number of talented people who exhibit their expertise by posting them on videos and sharing them to inspire others.