‘The Sound of Silence’ Played on an 18-String Harp Guitar Is Everything

Who could forget this famed melancholy song, “The Sound of Silence,” by Simon and Garfunkel? It might be an old song, but it’s a song that will never forget. Could you still remember how you felt the first time you heard this song? You will surely love this mesmerizing rendition on an 18 – string harp guitar that left me nothing but amazed and bewitched. I could not resist the magic of how this song played and interpreted. It brings back bizarre feelings and memories. Yes, it brings me somewhere, where I am listening and enjoying how this rendition taps and brings solace to the memories and emotions coming back.

Behind this fascinating video is the Canadian Youtuber named Jamie Dupuis. He is a music artist who loves playing all kinds of instruments (some you may not have even heard of) and is gifted with fingerpicking skills. In this video, Jamie effortlessly played his fantastic harp guitar packed with strings, composed of six low bass strings, six basics of guitar strings, and six high note strings. With his exceptional talent and guitar packed string, he brought justice to the song. And he even added an extra layer of enigmatic emotions that are even more captivating and touching to the heart and soul.

Who would not feel in love with his version, what more if you are a fan of this song? Jaime was sitting in the forest and gently strummed his harp guitar, creating hypnotic serenades that warmly penetrated your soul. You would surely be impressed and enjoy every strike of strings producing breathtaking melodies and giving more life to this song’s timeless beauty. Yes, the tunes are more than enough to express what the song meant. What a perfect combination of superb musicians and an excellently gorgeous instrument.

Are you ready to experience it yourself? Check it now in the video below.

This performance proves, once again, how powerful music can be. Sometimes words are not enough, but music could be more than enough to speak if it’s from someone who has the magic of music like him who could bridge a gap and deliver the sounds of silence triumphantly to the hearts.