Talented 17-Month-Old Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ for Her Dad and the Internet Is Losing It

You should definitely see this baby girl’s cute performance! The way she sweetly sings to her father will melt your heart and make you catch the baby fever. Maya is a 17-month-old sweetheart with a golden voice. Luckily for us, her dad was able to record the moment and proudly show the world one of her wonderful performances.

The young star sang her baby rendition of the song, “Amazing Grace” without missing a word. She seemed a bit shy at first, but then she slowly got warmed up and started enjoying the song. It’s so precious you just couldn’t stop watching it!amazing-grace-17moAnd thanks to her supportive father, she has mustered up enough confidence as she jumps to her next piece. She sang the ABC nursery rhyme with ease but with some cute gibberish slips this time. As she finished the song, she looked up to her father with anticipation. And after a brief pause, her proud dad suggested her to sing, “You are my sunshine.” Of which she gladly obliged! You can tell she loves this song as her face lighted up in excitement. The little girl, all perked up, even danced a bit to it. She then ended her piece with a charming pose, looking like a real performer!cute-17-mo-amazing-graceAnd as if these songs weren’t impressive enough, Maya started counting in Spanish. This brilliant baby girl has made it all the way to number 10! She then started answering some math problems cheerfully, responding to every question without hesitation. This baby may be small in size, but she definitely has a huge brain. A mixture of intelligence and talent at this young age, I couldn’t wait to see what she will be like in the next ten to fifteen years.
Sit back, relax, and watch the lovely video below of a gifted young girl, wise beyond her age!

To think that Maya is still one and a half years old, this impressive baby definitely has a bright future ahead of her.