The Judges Fight over Radha After She Performs ‘Mamma Knows Best’ During Her Blind Audition

There is not even a moment between Radha starting to sing and the realization that she is going to take over the world with her voice. Adam Levine turns around within seconds, while the rest of the judges are looking at each other in awe. Jennifer Hudson wants to turn her chair just after the first minute, and she finally does at 1:39, just as Radha was finishing her song.

Radha impresses judges on The Voice

Blake turned his chair just seconds after Jennifer. Kelly kept a cool head, we can’t imagine how. As Kelly turned around, she pointed at the large ‘blocked’ message for Jennifer. If you do not understand what ‘blocked’ means, each judge gets one block during the blind auditions. Additionally, judges have two steals during the Battle Rounds. Also, they have one more during Knockouts, but that is later in the season.

Who Did That?

Adam Levine admits to being the culprit behind blocking Jennifer from picking up the talented Radha, wanting to keep her all to himself. Sorry, not sorry, is his response. The judges finally have a minute to talk to Radha, and they discuss with her the power of the beginning of her song. Adam continues to wax ecstatic over the control Radha has in her voice and the maturity with which she sings.

Radha Knows Best

The Voice judges fighting over Radha

Jennifer is still upset about being blocked but gives her compliments for Radha. You can see this funny exchange at minute 3:18. Blake by telling her he is impressed she could maintain the power in her voice from the very beginning to the end. He tells her most people cannot maintain that level of control, which earns him a jab from Adam at minute 3:58.

In the end, Radha wastes no time choosing who the judge will be to coach her through the show. She picks Adam, much to his delight. Adam fought hard for her.

You can watch the video here:

We cannot wait to see what you do next, Radha.

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